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We stock the fantastic range of Firestorm Stoves. Click on a link below to read more about Firestorm Stoves from the Perth Stove Centre.

Here's what Firestorm Stoves say about their range of wood burning and multi fuel stoves:

"The Firestorm stove range incorporates our HeatStorm technology airwash system which ensures the glass is kept clean, combined with a clean burn tertiary air system that re-ignites the unbunt gasses ensuring a cleaner burn. Our Firestorm stove collection has been fully tested and CE approved to BS13240, with an impressive 82.3% efficiency rating combined with an eco friendly 0.60 Co2 emission rating which is amongst the highest available.

After 15 years of experience of dealing and installing a variety of stoves we decided in 2009 to take what we thought were the best concepts and technologies from many of the markets best stoves and combine them into a new, innovative, modern multi fuel stove of our own. After 3 years of meticulous design, planning and building the Firestorm range was born. Boasting some of the most impressive efficiency ratings on the market these contemporary, eye catching stoves will heat the heart of any home no matter how small or large the room".