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Stovax Stoves, the Lotus range

We stock the fantastic range of Stovax Stoves. Click on a link below to view the Lotus range of Stovax Stoves available from the Perth Stove Centre.

Here's what Stovax say about the Lotus wood burning stove range:

"Woodburning stoves should be easy to operate, attractive and environmentally friendly. Lotus has always given top priority to quality and functionality in our design philosophy as well as in our choice of materials.

All our stoves are tested by recognised test authorities, thus guaranteeing that Lotus products will always meet the most stringent environmental requirements. The Lotus range of woodburning stoves and fireplace inserts has been created in close cooperation between Architect Kaare Sølvsten, technicians and suppliers from all over the world.

We combine Danish design traditions with the best quality components. Our outlook is international and we always strive to create simple, beautiful products, grounded in tradition yet that combine the best of design, functionality and technology".