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Wiking Wood Burning Stoves - the Luma 2 Stove

Wiking Wood Burning Stoves, the Luma 2 StoveWiking Luma 1 and 2 are the smallest wall-mounted stoves in the Wiking Luma series. But this does not prevent the firewood from being fully utilised, to the benefit of the user and the environment. Both of these models have a large stove glass set in a solid castiron door.

Luma 1 also has wide side windows, so you can enjoy the view of crackling flames from all angles. Both Wiking Luma stoves are also available with a pedestal, so they can be installed on the floor.

Wiking Luma 1 and Wiking Luma 2 stoves have a simple and timeles design and are perfect for the cosy nook in your home.

Design features include automatic control, a unique door locking system and rear or top flue.


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